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It makes sense to see the evidence before you decide to work with someone for the first time - you want to know they're reliable. On this page, I'll share some of the projects I'm currently working on, while there's more work from completed projects that you're welcome to browse on the Adorned Content Pinterest board.

Mobile version of the DanceDanceDance website


This is my passion project. I'm a modern jive, and ballroom dancer, and when I'm dancing, I'm often inspired by what I'm doing, and seeing on the dancefloor. Rather than let all that go to waste, I write and post them at DanceDanceDance.


Love2Jive is one of my favourite nights in my local area, and I create social media content. Since my Facebook posts, and creating a fresh new website for them, average regular attendance at Love2Jive class and freestyle nights has doubled.

Phone displaying the Love2Jive website
Phone image of the Halcyon Accounting Services website

Halcyon Accounting Services

Words are my thing, not numbers... But writing about numbers? OK! I worked closely with Garrett to create the Halcyon Accounting Services website, and I create regular blog content for Halcyon customers, and to help boost web traffic.

Jangel Jive

If you're not certain that I love to dance by now, then I don't know what to tell you! Jangel Jive is another local dance that I frequent. I created their one-page website, as well as posting weekly on the Facebook group.

Phone image of the Jangel Jive website
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