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Social Media

Social media content can be time consuming to create, and often gets left behind when you're running a business day to day. If you need a little help with creating branded social media posts, or knowing what to post and write about, I can help you get it right.


While many businesses chase shiny new social media platforms, Facebook continues to yield results for small businesses when it is done right. With several years of experience, let me help.


If you're a B2B business, your LinkedIn presence can make a massive difference. Timely posts, with thought leadership can make a big difference to your reputation and your sales.


The platform formerly known as Twitter still has a lot of potential. It isn't just about short text - great visuals, video, and more can all help showcase your business.


Instagram has much to offer small businesses. Getting those photos from your phone to your grid is easier when you have the knowledge and support to get them there.


Pinterest is vastly underused by many businesses, and yet for eCommerce sales it can be a massive opportunity. I can help you to make the most of passive sales.


TikTok has a huge amount to offer businesses, especially when selling products to younger people. Those short videos can be the difference for going viral and exploding your sales.

why bother?

If you're already making money without being on social media much, then it can be tempting not to bother. But we can all stand to make a little more, especially for small businesses.

Social media marketing can help customers trust your business more, help you demonstrate your customer service, and is a great way to reach potential customers that are outside of your local area.

If you don't have the time or energy to put into your social media channels, let me help you to get the most from them.

Filming Self Using Mobile Phone

Let's get the best from your social media

Knowing where to begin is half the battle with your social media, but luckily, it doesn't have to be perfect to be amazing. We'll have a call or a meeting to help me understand your business and what you want to achieve from your social media marketing. Then, I'll create a social media plan for you, based on your goals and your target audience.

Once I've created the plan, we'll look at the photo and video content that you already have, and we'll work out what will be most convenient for me to support you. It might be I pop by when there's content-worthy activity happening, or it might be as simple as you snapping photos that you share with me and I can apply your branding to.


Whichever way is easiest, I'll help take care of your social media content.

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